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Reading to toddlers has always been an opportunity for positive and rewarding interaction that encourages conversation and develop communication skills. The Where am I? app series,produced by Jolly Giraffe and powered by OnO Apps, offers everything traditional books do, only more. The apps help develop toddlers' eye-to-hand coordination as well as recognition and memory skills.

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This is a great book for reading aloud with children aged birth to three. They will have fun pointing to the artwork and mouthing the words as they become accustomed to them.

Where am I?
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The simplicity of this book has made it a quick favorite of my daughter. She is almost a year and a half and absolutely adores reading about the cow and the other animals in the book. Whenever she sees the book she immediately says, “Moo!”

Cows Say Moo
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Yesterday my daughter Alma and I sat on the floor and read a story together. Reading is one of Alma's favorite activities. She especially enjoys turning the pages herself to reach the one she wants.

Last night she chose one of her most beloved books and immediately turned to a page that showed a picture of a dog. She pointed at the dog and then, looking at me for approval, pointed at our window. “That’s right”, I confirmed, “A few minutes ago we saw a dog through the window”. Alma smiled with a look of satisfaction and pride and I shared her excitement. She wanted to tell me that “she knows” and that “she remembers”, but for a 15-month-old toddler, whose vocabulary is only just forming, this is not a simple task and Alma found a way to use an alternative channel of communication.

Reading with Alma
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