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Apps for Windows8

Jolly Giraffe created 30 apps for Windows8 in English, Spanish, Chinese and Hebrew.

Teddy’s World

Meet Teddy and join him on his adventures!

The short story together with the enchanting illustrations of this series make it a perfect start for developing listening and observation skills in young children.

The series includes 6 apps.

Teddy Travels        Teddy is Sick            Teddy’s Birthday     Teddy Plants a Tree   Teddy Builds            Good Night, Teddy!

Robby’s Adventures

Robby wants to be your friend!

He wants to show you his toys, meet his family and friends and join him on a trip.

Young children enjoy identifying the repeating story pattern which encourages them to take an active part in the story.

The series includes 6 apps.

                          Robby’s Toys           Robby’s Friends       Robby’s Family        Robby’s Vehicles

Little Learners

The series helps develop cognitive skills, such as cateogrization, memory, language, logic and reasoning.

Each app in the series focuses on specific concepts and skills. The activity is age-appropriate which encourages exploration through play.

The series includes 14 apps.

Colors                     Matching 1               Matching 2              Missing Parts          Animals Sounds       Shadows 1              Shadows 2         

Mommy and I         Sizes 1                    Sizes 2                   Shapes                    Numbers                 Odd-One-Out 1       Odd-One-Out 2               

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